4 things to keep in mind while designing a perfect mobile app.

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4 things to keep in mind while designing a perfect mobile app.

Today is the era of smart phones. It is rightly said that the world is at your finger tips with the popularity and growth in the smart phone there has been a huge growth in mobile apps. There is an application for anything and everything. There are many professional mobile app developers who exclusively develop apps for mobile phones. Developing a perfect mobile app is an art in itself. HTML5 Training in Chennai will discuss about the things which are to be avoided while building a perfect app.

  1. Coding- Most of the apps need to be built from the scratch, in this situation most of the developers just jump into the coding part without a proper plan or format and they end up messing everything, html5 training informed that this usually takes long time and becomes more expensive. It is always advisable to write the coding on paper and lay out a full plan of what is to be done and when. Html5 training Chennai suggests that there should be a perfect flow chart of the things which are to be done. If anything goes wrong it would be easy to fix and would take much less time.
  2. Screen size- The smart phones come in various sizes and so it is very critical to design the layout of the mobile app accordingly. It is important to solve the scaling and display issues in first hand to avoid the confusions later. Developers should not stuff too many options in the interface as it would confuse the end user. Instead build an app which is very user friendly and as the need arises keep on adding the plug-ins. According to HTML5 Course in Chennai this makes the designing process easy and very effective.
  3. Templates- Developers often ignore the usage of templates for building an app. I advice to use the templates more often as it saves the time which results in less cost.
  4. Texts- The developers often put texts in the icons. This is a major mistake because the Google play and apple store reflect the text after icons so it is useless to add texts. Instead work on the design and make sure that the app has very good transitions and all the edges are perfectly set.


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