Basic ON-PAGE Techniques

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Today Search Engine optimization is very useful for maximizing the business through web search results; this concept comes under the new age concept of Digital Marketing. SEO Training in Chennai will give you a full knowledge of how to do effective SEO and how to get the best results. Today we will discuss some useful ON-PAGE techniques which are the changes to be made ON the web page according to the SEO guidelines so as to achieve the best results on the SERP. Let’s take a look at the ON-PAGE techniques.

  • URL– When we go to some specific web page on a web site then make sure that the URL of that specific web page contains the primary keyword of that specific webpage. This would give a rank boost. This is practiced by many of the SEO professionals who completed their SEO Training and the results are reflected.
  • Alt tags– Whenever we upload any photo on to the web page just make sure to give the alt tags so that whenever the image fails to load on the webpage then that alt tag would appear. Pushing your primary keyword here would be very useful.
  • Content– As we all know that content is king. SEO Courses in Chennai will teach you to write a lengthy and worth able content related to your niche is very useful and using all your keywords in the content at right place is very important. Among others the primary keyword should be used within the first 100 words, this is a useful strategy to boost your rankings.
  • Meta description- SEO training Chennai says that one of the most important things is to write a good Meta description that contains at least two keywords and a call to action. SEO training Chennai says the limit of writing a Meta description is 160 characters.
  • Keyword Density- It is believed that the content should have the primary keywords at least 3-6 times depending on the size of your content. The larger the content more dense the keyword should be. According to SEO training institute in Chennai this helps the bots to identify the primary keywords and to judge about the topic.
  • Internal linking- This is very useful for every website; there should be a link which redirects to the other pages of the website. This is very helpful SEO techniques and absence of it can affect the rankings.

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