General HTML5 Questions

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General HTML5 Question

Why was HTML5 developed?

HTML5 Course in Chennai informed that when the latest version of HTML was launched or introduced it was aimed to best version of HTML till date and it was developed to make things better for the developer. The new version of HTML was called as ’HTML5’ after the introduction of this version HTML4 and XHTML were completely replaced, as the functions which were available in these two versions were available in HTML5 with even more advanced format. The major reasons for the development of HTML5, as discussed in html5 training Chennai are as follows,

  • To give graphics, pictures, videos etc. without adding any external plugins.
  • With the introduction of the structural elements tags, it was now possible to provide better semantic support for the pages.
  • The parsing standard was stricter than before to ensure the error handling was simplified.
  • Opening of a web page in any device was made more consistent than before. This in technical terms can be referred as cross-platform support.

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What are the notable features of HTML5?

Some of the notable features are discussed below,

  • Embedding a media on the web page is made simpler now. Easy and improved support for embedding graphics, audio and video. This is made possible from the following tags, <canvas>, <audio>, <video>.
  • Geo location, drag and drop etc, are the extension to the JavaScript API which are made available now.
  • Web workers are now introduced.

These are only few of the many features of html5 for more join html5 training institutes in Chennai.

What’s the web-worker?

The script which is running in the background without the page needing to wait for it to complete, this in technical term can be called as the web- worker. This script can is running in a thread like form where parallelism can be achieved.

<header> and <H1> tag, what is the relationship between them?

In the earlier versions of HTML only one <h1> tag was present on the page. After the introduction of HTML5 <h1> represents the heading which is considered as the top level heading. Html5 training says that this heading is common for all the tags.

What is localStorage and sessionStorage?

The data of the web pages can be stored locally, i.e. within the user’s browser. The web storage is much faster and secured. Html5 course in Chennai says that the data is included only when it’s asked for. The storage limited is larger when compared to the cookie storage.

  • When a certain data is stored in the local storage then it is permanent, it won’t expire. It gets deleted only when the user asks the browser to delete it.
  • When the data is stored in session storage the life time of the data is valid only for a particular session. When the window or a tab is closed then the data gets deleted.

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