Why to Take Selenium Training in Chennai at FITA Academy?

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Selenium is widely used automation testing tool for validating web based application. It is an open source testing framework release under Apache 2.0 license. It is portable and effective testing tool available on the market. Selenium is mainly used for functional and regression testing. It runs on most of the modern web browsers (Firefox, chrome, Safari, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). Selenium is highly regarded as flexible and user-friendly automation testing framework. Software testers can develop test scripts on many programming languages (C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, .Net, etc) and runs on different platforms using selenium.

Being on open source selenium testing tool, software testing industry and individual software testers an integrate selenium in their project without any licensing issues. Recently, Selenium is integrated with Google incorporation under open source license, so that you can also enjoy incredible support from both online and offline community. As of now, selenium is highly regarded testing tool for validating web applications and it has created huge employment opportunity for talented professionals. Are you interested in starting your career as automation testing professional? Then, it is recommended to take Selenium Training in Chennai from reputed IT training institute.

Why Selenium:

Selenium is most flexible and efficient automation testing tool available in the market for validating web applications. The demand for this tool is further increased for its incredible features like cross browsers and operating systems supports when compared to other automation testing products. Selenium offers more flexibility when comes to writing test scripts. You can able to write scripts in any programing language such as Java, C#, .Net, etc.

For Example, if your web application is developed on Python programing language, you no need to write test scripts on the same programming language. Test scripts can be either written on Java, .Net, etc. Selenium Course in Chennai from reputed IT training institute will help you to get trained from industry experts.

  • Selenium offer support to various programming languages such as C#, Java, Python and Ruby. Here are some advantages of using selenium automation testing tool.
  • Being an open source tool, selenium is ideal for cost efficient software development. Further, its features can be compared with HP Quick Test Pro, commercial testing framework in same category.
  • Selenium testing tool is easy to install and configure.
  • Selenium can generate and execute the test scripts in various browsers and multiple systems simultaneously.
  • Selenium offer various useful components that can be used based upon the complexity of a web page.
  • Selenium supports both Android and iPhone testing.

Why FITA Academy for Selenium Training?

FITA Academy is the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai offering training on Selenium testing tool. We are offering training by experienced professionals as per industry standards. Call @ 9345045466 for more details on Selenium training in Chennai.

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