Java Training in Chennai: Introduction to Java Technology

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Java is most popular and widely used programming language used for developing rich and robust web, desktop and mobile applications. This high level programming language was initially developed by James Gosling. In the year, Java was introduced with the initial name of ‘OAK’.

History of Java Programming Language:

Java 1.0 was introduced in the year 1995. The tagline behind this programming language was “Write once and Run everywhere”. This platform was quite independent, secure, easy to install, configure and implement in your software development.

As time passes, java programming language gets very popular and it was assumed as best programming language for developing web, desktop and enterprise standard web applications. In the year 2006, Sun declares Java as open source project under GNU General Public License. Later Java 2 was introduced with advanced security configurations and divided the platform into three main subsidiaries J2ME, J2SE and J2EE.

Features of Java Programming Language:

Platform Independent: Java programming language is very popular for its platform independent nature. You can write program in any programming language and that can be executed on variety of platforms and hardware. Java is compiled and run within Java Development Kit (JDK), which also features Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Object Oriented: Java is object oriented programming languages expect Primitive Types. On the other hand, Java supports Wrapper classes (Integer, Float …) that make java as pure object oriented programming language.

Secure: Java is very popular for its security features that make it fully secured programming languages. Java security API covers some important elements like platform security, cryptography, authentication, public key infrastructure and access control that offer secured environment for coders to develop highly secured applications.

Simple: Java programming language is developed to be simple, very similar to C and C++ syntax and functionality. Java is very easy to learn and compared to other programming language with simple understanding and features. You can learn the concepts of java by enrolling in Java Training offered by reputed IT training institute.

Robust: Java is robust programming language that makes java application very secure and robust. Java virtual Machine is the root of Java, still it’s considered as one of the best virtual machine. Java is very robust by offering efficient mechanism against error detection at compile and run time.

Multi-Thread Support: Java is portable programming language that readily compatible with most of the platforms and environment. Java is fully integrated multithreaded environment, which help developed to utilize bandwidth and minimize idle CPU time.  Multithreading make it simpler to split the task in smaller units to make the application more productive and secure to develop.

Development Environment:

Java program can be written on simple text editor with .Java as file extension. After the compilation, .class file is generated (also called as byte file). This .class file runs on JVM to display output. Being most popular programming language, Java is used everywhere and it offers huge career prospects for talented professionals. You can consider taking Java Course in Chennai to boost your employment prospects.

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