What is the difference between Python and R programming?

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From the perspective of data science, R programming is highly required, but learning python is also an additional skill for data science. R programming is designed for statistics, data analysis and graphical models, whereas python is about productivity and readability. As data science is concerned IDE and large ecosystem for python. Python is good in machine learning and hacking techniques also. R programming is good for data science as it deals with statistics, graphical models, Matrix operations. Both the programming languages are used when learning the Big Data Training. When learning big data it’s the individual choice to learn either python or R programming. Learning both the languages is an added advantage to highlight the biodata among the other bio-data.

Big data is used for smartphones:

The huge data in day to day activities bring in the need for data privacy and data management. Data profiling is used to cleanse the data and validate data against standard statistical measures. Smartphones have changed the way we access the data and interact with others. Everything through an android app is the need of the hour for the young generation. Health, finance, fashion and food through android app hit the top most business now. Smartphones generate big data to solve big problems. In the latest issue of MIT’s technology review Magazine, David Talbot has an article about smartphones which says that smartphones are the real generator of big data. If each smartphone generates 60 gigabytes then 335 extra bytes of information is generated through smartphones. The data generated through smartphones can be used for analysis. The good example of how the data through smartphones are used is at Africa people got affected by malaria. The big data analysis helped by the way that where to distribute the medicine. The mobile information gives the correct picture of what are all the areas of interest, where you shop, what are your Google search, your downloads, etc. Credit card usage, smartphones usage, laptop usage has increased in recent days which emphasizes the importance of Big Data Course in Chennai.

Big data is used for competition analysis:

Connect with different data types by developing an analytic ecosystem which provides insight into the customer behaviour. The digital media would influence 80 percent of the customers. Using big data can be taken from multiple points. Artificial intelligence or predictions anticipate the loss for different businesses. The competition for analytical talent is going viral. So, the work culture is changing from the knowledge-based decision making to data-based decision making. HDFS, MapReduce Hadoop Ecosystem, Data analytics with R, are some of the topics covered under Big Data Training in Chennai. The Artificial intelligence by the way of data analysis is the requirement for many companies. Data collection through multiple channels and application of artificial intelligence to arrive at the result is highly required to manage the competition. Content analysis, documents study, comparative analysis, process analysis, statistical analysis, empirical research is some of the models used to arrive at the business decisions.The digital era emphasis the usage of big data for the profitability of the business.

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