Different uses of Java

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It’s known fact that Java is a general-purpose language which is used for development, testing, Android, Big data and cloud computing. Java is not only used for development, but also for the testing and networking and different uses of Java in the IT industry. Let me see some of the indefinite uses of Java. Spring, grails, vaadin, and play are some of the famous java frameworks which are used for web development. JVM, JRE, and JDK are some of the components which are used for Java.

Java for web development:

Web apps are seen everywhere with online forms which need either PHP or Java to develop the application. Java is used for web application and enterprise application as well. According to information from banking sector many banking applications are built on JSP {Java servlet Pages}. Spring framework is used more in the place of JSP. Chennai as the software hub provides Java Training in Chennai to the young engineers to match the global opportunities. Javascript is used for dynamic animation website. The logical feature in javascript is used for validation of information which is received through online forms. The absence of keyword, number of digits, password with proper length are some of the factors which the javascript properly use.

Java for software testing:

The unit test is the basis for understanding the testing. Understanding the components, development environment, compilation and running of the program. Classes, objects, Arrays, Collections, and handling files are some of the java concepts needed for selenium automation tool. Oops, the concept which is learned in Java is used for many technologies. Core Java and fundamentals of java is used for selenium tool. Selenium is taken by selenium trainers and Java trainers for Java Course in Chennai.

Java is used for Android Development:

Android development is usually with XML and Java. Java is used for functionality and XML for the UI part. Java is the best programming language for the gaming industry. JVM is the best language for android as it compatible, uses the bytecode structure, and import java libraries. All API’s and documentation are written in Java. Learn android from the Java Training Institutes in Chennai. As per the industry demand Java is used everywhere which shows Java professionals can handle multiple technologies and possess wide knowledge.

Java is used for big data:

Java is the future of the big data analysis and IOT. Java-based framework offered by Apache software foundation is processing the data to provide the results. Big data is used to predict flight cancellation, Insurance forecast, and share trading. The forecast which is provided early goes by week whereas big data is fast and provides the results within hours.

Java for Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is integrated with many technologies such as Amazon, Salesforce, Azure and so on. Java is the base for many cloud computing courses. Learning java widens your job search. Those who have good marks and planning for a dream job it is timely decision to join the Best Java Training Institute in Chennai. To create virtual infrastructure Java knowledge is the base for multiple platforms.

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