Why people wants to become a software tester

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I have asked this question to many of them, who looking to take Software Testing Training in Chennai. Why do you want to switch your career in software testing industry? I got awesome answer from the candidates and I have appreciated that intelligent answers. They really well know about testing industry growth and they have listed some characteristics of software tester are given below.

Excitement for Testing and analysis:

Professional software testers always concentrate more to analyze the software more than write the program from the beginning that will formulate the software run, so they know that functionality very well and they can predict how it all fits together. They willing to analyze and understand how the user will use the software.

Talent to Communicate:

An expert software tester should have efficient verbal and written communication knowledge. They can able to analyze and read the product documentation completely, they need to write test plans, Should write clear bug reports, they must have an ability to communicate and speak technically in meetings. All the skills only you can get after the certification of Software Testing Training.


A professional software tester should react very smart when facing technical issues and they can have the ability with strong analytics and logical stuffs. In this industry only require intelligent software tester to build the bug free software so simply you should have a advanced knowledge in testing the software applications.

Technical Knowledge:

A good software testing person should have some programming skills in order identify with the system under, write test automation and communicate with software developer. Everything is possible once you completed the Testing Training in Chennai.

Capacity to work devoid of direct supervision:

Once you employed as a software tester, you should improvise the skill to handle some critical problems while doing testing without asking the approval from management. This is the mandatory skill for every software tester for avoiding some big issues when doing the testing.

Skill to understand the large portrait:

As a tester you should have the talent to notice the bigger image of an organization’s on the whole strategy. This enables a professional software tester to energetically participate at a level bigger than just an entity supplier. They can able to predict the strength and weakness of software, so that can eventually lead to an organization competitive benefits.

I hope the candidates who know the responsibility of being a great software tester. They can really get a good role in software industry after on completion of Software Training in our institution.

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