What is CRM and its tool features?

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What does CRM actually mean?

Salesforce Training rightly says that CRM which stands for customer relationship management has gained a significant importance in the past few years. CRM is a technology oriented tool which helps the large multinational corporation and chain/retail stores to manage and analyze their customer interaction. This means that with the help of this tool the companies can keep a track on the customers and can analyze their buying behavior which when studied successfully can yield fruitful results for the company.

Salesforce training institute in Chennai  informs that the data which is gathered with the help of the CRM tool helps company in improving the service and to maintain their customer base with which they can interact and improve their service which in return can give a healthy customer cycle. It is found very effective in the process of customer retention.


 All the CRM activities are to be carried out using a tool or software which is offered by companies such as salesforce.com, Microsoft etc.  These tools have some common features which help the clients to enhance their performances, these features are taught in Salesforce Training in Chennai, and they are as follows,

  • Marketing
  • Sales force
  • Contact

Let us go through one by one in brief to get a better idea.


Doing Salesforce course in Chennai will make you ware that using CRM tools enables the users to automate their marketing strategies. A timetable could be set as to when a particular marketing material is to be sent to a particular customer. The data is to be given and at a particular time the right materials would get triggered.

This helps the companies to convert a sales lead to a customer, this customer can be turned into a loyal customer after planned methods. The marketing materials which we are talking about are generally in form of e-mails or a social media posts.

Sales Force:

A company which is not using a CRM would possibly mess up all the contacted customers and their details and also make mistakes in the probable mistakes in following up the potential clients. Using a CRM tool would automate all the above-mentioned actions of calling, tracking and following up customers. You will get a clear idea once you finish Salesforce Training

Contact Center:

Using a CRM tool can help you to automate the responses which are given by the customer representatives when a client asks for a particular query this helps in reducing the the time taken to deal with the customers.

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