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Now, the internet technologies now developed, come up with a niche tag of user-friendly and performance. Among all these innovations, cloud computing plays a significant role in determining the future of cloud computing. Cloud computing is an innovative technology in which software, hardware application and data are accessed from a cloud server. This cloud technology available in three types – public, private and hybrid forms.

  • Private cloud is restricted to authorized person. Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are dedicated to companies, only those have access can connect to the network.
  • Public cloud is available for everyone using the internet. This type of computing offered by companies like Google, IBM, Zoho, Salesforce, etc. The physical software is the backbone of these technologies.
  • Hybrid is the combination of these two computing technology.

How cloud Computing Benefit Your Business:

Let us say have a company and a website for your business. In few years, the number of users of your website keeps on increasing. You are very successful, problem might arise. Your hardware and software resources fail to meet the demand the load and your service automatically gets degraded, it cause massive issue for your business. What might be the reason? A few years, you have developed a website and brought a web server for hosting. Hundreds of startup companies follow the same thing, which cost them money. This can be called as web hosting.

You pay for the servers for using them. When gradually your website and web traffic increases, you need to have high server (hardware and software resources) to provide best possible services. Else, your website takes more time to load and misbehave. In worst scenario’s, your website does not load in the client terminal. It causes huge trouble for your business leads, sales and profitability. Hence, you need to buy advanced server with more storage space, unlimited bandwidth and uptime.

You can connect your business with cloud server. You need to pay for the service only you use. This let the enterprises and consumers to use the application without any hardware and software installation. Further, you can access the remote server from anywhere and anytime without any geo-graphical constraints.

  • Online presence of your business products and services reduce market cost
  • You can cover both global and local market
  • E-commerce for example – online marketing minimize overall cost
  • Internet is accessible not only to computes, but also accessible on mobiles, tablets and portable devices with internet connection.


Cloud computing software is used to manage all your projects, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resource (HR) application. There are number of online resources available such as Google Docs, Slide Rocket, etc. is one of most popular and successful application in cloud domain. It offers huge resource for organizations to manage and power their business process. allows you to develop customized CRM application for your business.

Why to take Salesforce Training?

In recent years, all most every business organizations are very keen to integrated cloud computing with their business. It increased the career prospects for cloud computing professionals to work as a cloud developer, administrator, implementation expert and architects. Taking Salesforce Training in Chennai from FITA Academy will help you to get trained by certified professionals and to enter cloud computing domain.

We are the reputed Salesforce Training institute in Chennai offering training on various Salesforce modules like Salesforce administrator and developers.

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