Reasons Your Business Needs Responsive Website Design

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In the era of online marketing, websites are considered as virtual face of every business organization regardless its size. Websites can be used as virtual store to market your business targeting the global customer base. In addition, websites are considered as most cost efficient and effective platform to promote a business.  Strong online presence will determine their business leads and profitability. Most of the business owners desire to have strong online presence for their business. It increased the demand of attractive and responsive website design. Adversely, the field of web design and development is growing at faster pace and offer huge employment opportunities for web developers. Thus, Web Design Training in Chennai from FITA Academy helps you to break into web development companies with lucrative salary package.

In recent years, mobile internet surfing has been increasing at faster pace and it’s expected to surpass desktop internet usage by the end of 2014. It is important to have responsive design for your business website. Websites with responsive features are designed to automatically adjust to any screen size and resolution. It offers pleasant viewing experience for user no matter what device they are using. Here are some advantages of choosing responsive website design.

Responsive Website Design:

First and foremost, you need to hire the service of experienced website design and development team to design your business website. They have string expertise in latest web technologies and trending tools in the market. The professional web designers are capable of creating attractive, responsive and user-friendly websites based on your business requirement. Infinix, the Web Design Company in Chennai offering professional service on web design and development. Responsive web design loads faster than the regular site. As long as your website looks pleasant and loads faster, you can enjoy profitable bounce rate for your business. You can make use of responsive website HTML5 Training template for your business.

Social Media and Blogs Drive Mobile Users:

Are you using social media marketing and blogging for promoting your business? Based on recent survey, 56% of social media traffic comes from the mobile devices. If you are using such promotion strategies without responsive website design, you are irritating your visitors. It may leave negative impact about your business among the consumers.

Mobile Friendly Sites Performs Better:

According to recent study by Google, 74% of users visited mobile friendly websites said they were likely return to the same site to buy a products or services. So, you need to have user-friendly and mobile friendly websites for your business. Further, mobile friendly websites does not gather bad reputation among your website visitors.

Target Local Customer Base:

As per recent statistical report, 80% local search converts into potential leads. Nowadays, major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing offer huge option for local business to flourish. These searches are truly based on your location and shows business within 15 miles radius based on the user search queries. It automatically drives huge number of potential consumers to your business.

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