Job Description of Web Developer

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Web developer is a software engineer who develops websites and web applications catering the individual or business requirements. Web designers and developers build websites from the scratch and improve the existing one more appealing, latest and great trend in web technology. Whatever we do online – from chatting on Facebook to online shopping, there is a skilled developer team working on the background. The demand of responsive website design keeps on increasing; the need of skilled web designers and developers also increases. Website Design Training in Chennai @ FITA Academy will assist you to enter web development industry with ease.

Web developers or programmers are responsible to construct, improve and alter the coding with the intention of creating responsive websites. They also integrate key elements on the website such as content, graphics and multi-media. As well as, developers uses special animation and scripting language to achieve pre-defined design activities such as colors, textures and special effects. They of end to end support to website users and ensure better experience. Some of the popular programing language that web developers use includes:

  • On the client side, front end design of the website is carried out. They use some of the popular technologies like JavaScript, JQuery, Action Script, HTML, HTML5, CSS, etc.
  • On the server side, some of the popular server-side scripting languages like Java, PHP, C++, VB.Net, VBScript and PHP are used.
  • To gather information from web users, popular database structures are used by web developers. It includes MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, JSQN and XML are used.

Job Duties of Web developers:

The field of web design and development is a challenging one. You need to implement your technical skills combined with creativity and imagination to develop attractive and dynamic websites. On other hand, the web design and development is constantly evolving technology. New programming languages and tools keep on replacing on consistent basics. So, the web developers need to be flexible and cope with ever changing technology. Here are some common duties and responsibilities of a web developer.

  • Participate in the planning, designing, developing, deploying and maintaining web applications
  • Create, design and deploy web applications and related services
  • Identify the technical issues and fix it immediately
  • Web developers are responsible for coding pages, files, test and deploy
  • Create responsive website that go comfy on desktops, mobiles and other portable gadgets
  • They need to have strong communication skills to work with software programmers, integrators, graphic and web designers.
  • Make sure that the product is working based on the client specifications precisely
  • Web developers need to be very strong in latest programming language to design and deploy robust web applications before the deadline.
  • Potential work with WordPress and other content management systems.

Educational Qualification for Web developers:

When comes to web design and development, you need to implement your creativity and imagination to create appealing and user-friendly websites. Personal expertise along worth strong academic record helps you to get placed in leading web development industries with good salary packages. The basic educational qualification includes

  • Bachelor degree in computer science, multimedia, graphics design or equivalent computer programming language
  • College diploma in computer science or related discipline
  • Equivalent experience

Note: web design and development is a different area of expertise. In agile web development process, recruiters always look for skilled and talented developers who can work in live project with minimal experience. Thus, freshers and job seekers can consider in enrolling in web design training to boost their career opportunity. FITA Academy is reputed web design training institute in Chennai offering website design by experienced trainers as per industry standards.

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