Introduction to Oracle

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Today, the world has perceived a virtual outburst in eCommerce. Computers increasingly becoming most mandatory instrument of globalization, the demand of sophisticated database systems that capable of handling large data has increased significantly. Now, small and large enterprises are implementing database management systems with their business process. Majority of large organizations are very fond of Oracle, which is considered extremely effective and secure.

Oracle is one of the largest software firms located in California. It has more than 3, 70,000 clients across the world, most of them feature in the Fortune 500 company group. Oracle offers great business service that assists the business organization to a huge extent. Firstly, it provides a sophisticated resource to manage data in a safe manner. Secondly, it will boost your data handling and management of your business.  Oracle relational database framework runs on most of the platforms such as Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux OS. There are many application types accessible; you can pick variation based on your business requirement and budget. Now, this advanced data handling system is available for mobile systems.

Nowadays, business organization needs to handle larger data. It increases the demand of better performing an effective database. Oracle is a potent architecture that caters the data handling requirements of large corporates. Being most used database architecture in the world, Oracle offer huge career opportunities for certified professionals. Certification on Oracle technology will ensure huge career opportunity for fresher and experienced professionals. If you are looking to become an Oracle developer, then you are in the ideal place. We are the reputed IT training and placement institute in Chennai offering professional Oracle Training in Chennai. Usually, we offer training through professionals certified by Oracle Corporation with 10+ years of experience.

We are specialized in offering industrial oriented training on

  • Oracle SQl /PL SQL
  • Oracle Developer
  • Oracle DBA
  • Oracle Apps

Our oracle training course is designed with the assistance of certified oracle professionals. After completing the course, you will be well trained to write SQL and PLSQL scripts, which can be implemented in real time scenarios. Further, you will be eligible for Oracle Certification.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): If you are looking for a job in database administrator or developer, the widely accepted oracle certifications will assist you in your career advancement. The demand of Oracle certified professionals is very high in the market place and expected to grow with each new installation of Oracle solutions. With our OCA certification course, you can able to demonstrate necessary skills to be an aspiring professional in handling Database Management Systems.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP):  The Oracle Certified Professionals are candidates who have proven their skills in managing large scale database or developing robust applications that meet industry standards.  To get this certification, you need to attend online or class room training at the Oracle University and clear one Intermediate Level Exam. To eligible for OCP, one must clear OCA certification.

Oracle Certified Expert (OCE): The Oracle Certified Expert is the nest level of OCP certification. This exam will target niche expert areas. This certification is intended to show high degree of expertise in a narrow subject area.

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