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Oracle is a most popular brand in IT sector. It is an American multinational company located in California, United States.  This organization is specialized in marketing, computer hardware and software application, particularly its trademark relational database management system named Oracle. This organization offers an effective solution for database development, middle-tier software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software. Oracle provides better database architecture for handling huge amount of data required on large enterprise. This database system is used most of the fortune 500 companies across the world.

Oracle is widely used relational database management systems in the world. It is considered as most secured, extremely effective and reliable database system. Oracle is loaded with various advanced features and functionalities. It makes the data handling lost easier and more secure than before.  The most important features of Oracle database system is a backup and recovery option. In case of any system crash or failure, you can able to retrieve the data. As the usage of oracle database keeps on increasing, there is huge demand for Oracle developers and administrator across the world. Already, IT industries are paying huge salary package to the Certified Oracle professionals. Our Oracle Training in Chennai is especially dedicated to IT professionals seeking certification and career in database development or administration.

In this course, we train our students to create database, backup and recovery procedure correctively.  You can learn how to install Oracle secure backup, which is used to perform file backup, restoration, creating, duplicate database, etc. In addition, you will learn about recovery manager to handle necessary operation and make use of Oracle Flashback Technology. After completing the training program, certification is must for Oracle developers and administrators. In general, recruiters give more preference to the certified professionals while looking for a job.

Oracle certification is considered as entry level certification, specially designed for people handling in-depth knowledge on oracle application development and database administration. The chief objective of the certification is to help the candidates to demonstrate their profile as oracle developer. This certification is mandatory to get eligible for OCP advanced level certification. The oracle certification is classified into

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